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Solar Systems India Information

We do all types of solar system set up in rural or urban areas experts from the same field are given in-charge. We are nationally recognized as an excellent service provider with easy and advanced technology.A solar panel in India isthe most wanted instrument used to save the future life of our generation. We assure you the best deals in the market!

Solar Systems Indiais formed with a vision to be India’s leading service provider and be the top quality company for many corporations to housing societies. We are specialized in high-efficiency PV module manufacturing and comprehensive EPC Solution. With an international presence across India and abroad we continue to be a great contributor in shaping a healthy solar revolution.

We take various capacities ranging from a few watts to kilowatts which cater to domestic and international requirements. With much of experience into manufacturing solar photovoltaic systems, we directly become involved with governments and other agencies for more legal and happening process for the Solar System in India.

The products dealt bySolar Systems Indiainclude Solar Power Packs, Solar Lanterns, Solar Signalling Systems, Charge Controller, Solar Hybrid Power Plant and solar based LED Lightings systems. We also hold the credentials from Solar Energy Center (SEC) of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE), New Delhi. Customers respect our loyalty as we stand in the Market.

Before buying a panel make sure you contact us for top brand solar systems with cost-effective pricing.

How we Design Parameters & Considerations

To make the Sole and best use of Solar PV modules we allow you to capture much of Sunlight possibly at its best location by placing the solar modules to the south-facing side on the site. We also install at a certain angle that is about 10-30 degree. (Depending upon the latitude of the site location)

Following 4.5 hours of a good sunlight per day, a 1 KW Solar PV Systems will exactly produce 4.5Wh per day, and 135kWh in a 30days month. Note that the energy produced in DC Volts, while it goes through the conversions into AC, about 10-20% of the electricity is lost.

Also, note that the solar panel loses an average of 0.5% of production per year and more over 10% through its 20 year warranty period. This is also known as degradation.

Value of our

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